This program was created for the women who are loyal  South County Adventure Boot Camp participants or who want to become one. These are the women who want to enjoy living in a fit, lean, healthy and strong body year-round, and have found that South County Adventure Boot Camp is what gets them there. 

*****UPDATE: NEW RECORD!!! The 2017 Platinum Membership SOLD OUT IN a RECORD 30 Seconds Congrats to all of the 2017 Platinum Members

 The 2018 Platinum VIP Membership date for Returning Platinum Members will be Saturday Nov.4th from 9am-9pm. 

The 2018 Live Drawing for Wait list Platinum Members will at 9:00am Sunday Nov. 5th

All "Wait List" Platinum members who are picked during the "live" drawing will have 12 hrs to sign up from 9:30am-9:30pm on Sunday Nov. 5th.

Then 2018 South County Adventure Boot Camp Platinum Membership includes the following:

  • A HUGE DISCOUNT AND SAVINGS ON 1 Year of Fun and Challenging Boot Camp Workouts (Equivalent to 10 boot camps)
  • The Following Free Platinum Member Only South County Adventure Boot Camp Clothing:
    • Your choice of a SC Boot Camp Platinum membership Hooded Sweatshirt or Long Sleeve T-shirt
    • SC Boot Camp Platinum Membership t-shirt
  • $ 10.00 Off the 4 week add on program The Little Black Dress Project.. *** Normal price $ 29.99 (price for Platinum Members = Only $19.99 for every 4 week LBD Project you sign up for) . 
  • LIFETIME PLATINUM MEMBER... if you choose to renew your Platinum Membership each year, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY Have a Spot... no more Crossing your fingers and STRESSING out whether or not you will get in. 
  • Daily weekday empowering e-mails
  • Automatic Registration Each Camp (no need to complete the form again for 2018)
  • Plus all SC Boot Camp rewards in the SC Boot Camp Rewards program. 
  • Unlimited e-mail communication to answer fitness, nutrition and lifestyle questions.



2018 Is going to be LIKE NO OTHER.
Be a part of our Platinum Membership Program!


Enroll in the entire 2018 calendar year of South County Adventure Boot Camp and receive almost a 30% discount!

Regular Price - 10 camps in 2018 


2016 Platinum Member Special - 10 Camps for ONLY


You save................. $540!*

*Numbers have been rounded

This compares to paying for close to 7 camps and participating in 10!  So, that's alomost a FULL 3 camps for free, plus all of the other bonuses. You are getting a year of boot camp sessions equivalent to the cost of 2 personal training sessions per week with an “average” personal trainer for 3 months! If you attend every camp day throughout the 2018 Calendar year, the PRICE BREAKS DOWN TO $7.25 per camp day!!! ONLY $145.00 per camp and you can come as many times as you want... Compare that to 10 single 5 day camps per year at ($199.00)  WOW!


Please read these very carefully - because of the major discount and special nature of this program, certain restrictions do apply.

  • Two options for payment: (both equal the same price, just two convienient ways to pay) 
  • 1)  pay $725 down (price of half of the Platinum program) and an additional 5 consecutive installments automatically and electronically (Electronic Funds Transfer) through Paypal ($145.00 a month for 5 months
  • 2) you can pay the in full amount of $1,450.00. There are no cash refunds.
  • Valid for any of the South County Adventure Boot Camp locations operated solely by our corporate offices.
  • Must be used for one camp location per boot camp date (can switch times/locations between camps only).
  • CANNOT be forwarded or "put on hold" until 2019. If and only if for medical reasons, (pregnancy, doctor's orders, etc.), the camper is unable to continue, the membership can be put on hold and remaining camps can be made up at a later date when the camper is able to participate. These are the only exceptions.
  • No additional credits or discounts are allowed.
  • We do NOT guarantee that the trainer in the location you choose will remain at that location the entire year.
  • This may be used as a gift (gift certificates available). Non-transferable once an individual begins the program.
  • Valid for full program (5 day a week program)  REMEMBER: This is cheaper than if you paid to attend boot camp 3 days/week for all 10 sessions throughout the year!  But with the Platinum Membership you can attend boot camp 5 days/week!  You'll still save a lot of money even if you miss some days or attend a camp that is only offered 3 or 4 days a week!
  • The South County Adventure Boot Camp Platinum Membership discount will pay for the 10 camps in 2018.  The first camp starts Jan. 8th, 2018. 
  • No additional discounts, promotions or concessions will be offered or combined with the South County Adventure Boot Camp Platinum Membership .
  • It's like getting almost 3 full (4 week) boot camps  for free!


Think about it......... Even if you were to flake a little bit (but you know you won't), you will still save many hundreds of dollars!  Decide now to make 2018 the year of body transformation!

Registration is currently closed. Stay tuned date for 2018 to be announced. 

Simply sign up for camp using our registration page or our returning camper registration.  When you choose a camp date, simply choose 2018 Platinum Membership.  At the end of the registration process, you will be given the opportunity to pay for the Membership via any major credit card or Paypal.  It's that simple!

Register for 2009 Platinum Membership   

2018 Calendar of Boot Camps


January 8th- February 2nd

February 12th- March 9th

March 19th- April 13th

April 30th-May 25th

June 4th-June 29th

July 9th-August 3rd

August 13th- September 7th

September 17th-October 12th

October 22nd-November 16th

November 26th- December 21st




» 3-5% reduction in body fat
» 5-12 pounds of weight loss
» 1-3" decrease in the midsection
» 25% increase in strength
» 25% improvement in endurance
» Better relaxation
» Greatly improved posture
» 100% gain in self-confidence
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